Collection: PEACE - Military inspired designs making a statement of peace.

Peace capsule collection designed for the independent woman and uses graffiti slogans to convey messages of empowerment. Utilitarian, comfortable and fashionable are on the cards of this collection. Sharply tailored jumpsuits from Japanese cotton, flared pants and buttoned up shirts, draped scarves, oversized coats are all meticulously made. However, when we separate pieces, they are all easy-to-wear.

Digitally drawn and graffiti-print messages of peace and love are reinforced and are juxtaposed in a funny manner all over the garments. Over the straps, on skirt and on detachable sleeves. The quirky aesthetic collides with men’s fashion, specifically military. Not just the patterns are telling stories, the color palette of sun yellow, navy blue, red stripes are often seen on flags and represent love, freedom and peace.