Collection: Spectrum


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Collection "SPECTRUM" that has been created out of the artwork of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

The vision behind the collection is to support the notion of “Inclusive for All”.  “Often mentally challenged people find it difficult to support themselves due to lack of employment and other opportunities and through “ARSHYS Empower Spectrum" initiative, I aim to blur lines between Fashion and Purpose, collaborating with Dubai Autism Center to empower people who are affected by Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Through this collection I am integrating them as beneficiaries in the value chain of the company  in co-creating a commercially viable collection, telling their story/talent through my designs and create a sustainable business model where 20% of the revenues generated through the sale of clothing goes back to these communities helping them become confident, independent members of the society.” 

Each item of clothing in this collection is named after some of the most famous artists in the history remembering the nature of the hand painted artwork that we see here that people with Autism have created beautifully. Like art it is in-temporal. 

Thank you for Being a Part of this Change

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