Collection: Spectrum

Collection Spectrum

As featured in Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Elle, Cosmo M.E and Marie Clair. This collection "SPECTRUM" from ARSHYS has been created out of the artwork/hand paintings of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our mission is to support Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals 8 & 10.
  “Often mentally challenged people find it difficult to support themselves due to lack of employment and other opportunities and through “ARSHYS Empower Spectrum" initiative, I aim to blur lines between Fashion and Purpose, collaborating with Dubai Autism Center to empower people who are affected by Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 
Through this collection I am integrating them as beneficiaries in the value chain of the company  by co-creating a commercially viable collection, telling their story/talent through my designs and create a sustainable business model.
Thank you for Being a Part of this Change