Perplexed is a reflection of our over consumption and reliance on man-made plastics and the emergence of more ecological organic materials.
 The juxtaposition between the two materials, one robust and the other more fragile, is relayed throughout the collection's soft and fluid silhouettes, that are overlaid with bold contrasts and statement accessories.
 Inspired by 80's Post-modernism, Perplexed features reversible and adaptable bomber jackets worn with wide-leg pants, and full-length dresses with asymmetric layering and tulle overlays.
In this collection continues to incorporate its graffiti-style, signature 'positive statement' graphics promoting peace and love. Whereas pops of saccharine sweet colors are created with hand-drawn illustrations and embroidered detailing.
 Importantly 70% of the collection is developed using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies fabrics; whilst plastic materials have a life beyond the collection through the creation of accessories and detachable pieces that can be worn layered or on their own as standalone pieces.